Advisors and managers

Advisors and managers

Lawyers, HR managers or other professionals

We are a membership association for professionals who work in dispute resolution, including people who advise or support others in conflict.

You may be a legal advisor, HR manager, team leader, business owner, teacher, customer service manager, university ombudsman or other professional that advises or supports people in conflicts or disputes. We welcome you to use a range of information, resources, contacts, and learning and networking opportunities that suit your needs.

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There are a range of solutions available to manage disputes or conflicts:

  • Adjudication: Choose adjudication when you want an independent adjudicator to decide a domain name or building and construction payment dispute.
  • Arbitration: Choose arbitration for complex cases when you want an independent arbitrator to make an enforceable decision for you.
  • Conciliation: Choose conciliation when you want the help of a conciliator who can manage the discussion and provide advice so you can decide the outcome yourselves.
  • Expert Determination: Choose expert determination when your dispute is technical or specialised and you want an independent expert to make a decision for you.
  • Mediation: Choose mediation when you want a mediator to assist you and the other participants to interact respectfully and to decide an outcome yourselves.
  • Restorative justice or restorative practice: Choose restorative practices to repair relationships that have been damaged due to the conflict.

Access useful resources

Browse through our resource library and access case notes, journal articles, presentations, recordings, newsletters and other resources. Some of these resources are open to everyone, while some will be available to you if you become a member with us.

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  • Contract clauses: Insert these dispute resolution clauses in your contracts and agreements to establish a systematic approach towards dealing with a conflict, if one arises. Dispute resolution processes may turn out to be faster and more cost effective options than court to come to an agreement.
  • Rules: Refer to these rules to see the structural and procedural framework of the dispute resolution processes, such as arbitration, conciliation, expert determination and mediation.

Find a professional dispute resolver

We are an independent and impartial nominating authority for professional dispute resolvers such as mediators, arbitrators, adjudicators and expert determiners. A dispute resolution clause in the parties' contract or a court order may refer a dispute to us to act as the nominating authority and appoint a dispute resolver.

You are also welcome to browse through the profiles of our members on our NZ and AU directories to find a professional dispute resolver with an expertise and experience that suits you needs.

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Develop conflict resolution skills

  • Conflict Management Coaching: These 2-day and 4-day courses, most popular among professionals like yourself, equip you with the skills to support and empower others to resolve conflicts. Courses in AU & NZ
  • Mediation training: Our 5-day training is the first step for individuals who wish to become accredited mediators. It can also help you in facilitating discussions between conflicting parties. Courses in NZ | Courses in AU
  • Face-to-face events: Attend professional development events and conferences on mediation, arbitration, adjudication, family dispute resolution and more to network with dispute resolvers in your area. Professional Development events | Conferences | Short courses
  • Webinars: Attend webinars or buy webinar recordings on a range of topics relevant to your work and learn anywhere, anytime. Webinars and recordings

Expand your network

Join a network of professionals that help parties in disputes. Our associate membership is ideal for professionals who are not accredited dispute resolvers themselves. The membership also gives you access to exclusive member resources and member pricing on professional development events.

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