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The National Mediator Accreditation Standards (NMAS)

On 1 July 2015, the Mediator Standards Board (MSB) released a revision to the NMAS Accreditation and Practice Standards. This standard has been developed and widely adopted in Australia. Neighbouring countries in the Asia Pacific region also on occasion use this as a required standard for mediators.

Download the NMAS Standards >>

Apply for national mediator accreditation

Apply for national mediator renewal of accreditation

Introduced in January 2008, the NMAS, also known informally as the national standards, is a voluntary, industry based scheme. The goal of the NMAS is to improve the quality of mediation services and assure consumers that practitioners are trained, assessed and qualified. The implementation and development of the Standards is overseen by the Mediator Standards Board (MSB) >>

Organisations designated as Recognised Mediator Accreditation Bodies (RMABs) can accredit mediators to the national standards. Our organisation is an RMAB.

Applying for national accreditation

The Mediator Standards Board (MSB) charges a registration fee of $100 (including GST) payable at the time of national accreditation or re-accreditation and thereafter every two years on each succeeding re-accreditation.

Apply according to one of two pathways for national accreditation
Apply having completed appropriate mediation training and skills
assessment (section 2.5 (a)) >>
Apply to be recognised under an alternate pathway (section 2.5 (b) & (c)) >>
If assessed as meeting the requirements:
Join our organisation if not already a member (or other suitable organisation as specified by NMAS)
Accredited by us to the National Standards for a two year period.
(mediators who continue to meet the requirements of national accreditation may be re-accredited)