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Applying for IMI - international accreditation

About the International Mediation Institute (IMI)

IMI is a non-profit global service initiative to promote transparency and high competency standards in mediation practice across all fields, worldwide.

Our organisation is the only body in Australasia able to approve mediators for IMI certification.

Why gain IMI accreditation?

We encourage mediators to continue their professional development and to gain credentials which reflect their professional growth and experience. International certification is the next step after obtaining Advanced accreditation with us.

As IMI certification becomes increasingly recognised, particularly by global corporations, those corporations may seek IMI certificated mediators to provide dispute resolution services in all countries in which that corporation operates.

Gaining IMI certification

Step 1: QAP approves a mediator for IMI certification

We are a Qualifying Approval Program (QAP) for IMI certification. In order to be approved as a QAP, we provided to IMI a process which met IMI's requirements for rigour and quality. The approved process requires that applicants are mediators on our Advanced panel who continue to meet the requirements for retaining Advanced accreditation.

One of the requirements for gaining and retaining our Advanced accreditation is exactly the same as for IMI certification. This streamlines the process. To gain or retain your accreditation with us, in each three year period after the initial advanced accreditation you need to complete a minimum of 250 hours of mediation practice AND provide “ten written evaluations applying the process for which the practitioner is accredited indicating that the practitioner's conduct of the relevant process has demonstrated a high level of competence”. These same evaluations can be used in step 2 of the process.

Step 2: Informing IMI that we have approved you as qualified for IMI accreditation

If you decide to proceed with IMI certification, we will inform IMI that we have approved you as a qualified mediator.

Step 3: QAP approved mediators create a feedback digest

The publicly available feedback digest is the distinguishing feature of IMI certification. QAP approved mediators provide at least 10 client evaluations to a reviewer (you can use the same 10 that are required in Step 1.)

The collected feedback is made anonymous and summarised by an independent reviewer selected by the mediator. This is a unique feature of IMI Certification.

Step 4: Appoint a reviewer

Consider who you could appoint as your independent reviewer. Ideally, independent reviewers provide an initial review and update this as you collect more feedback. Reviewers also assist you in setting your continuing professional development goals. Guidelines from the IMI website for choosing a reviewer and the role of reviewers is as follows:

“Your Reviewer will prepare your Feedback Digest for uploading onto your IMI Mediator Profile and will receive future Feedbacks for updating your Feedback Digest as required to maintain your IMI Certification” … and should also… “assist you in defining your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs and interests” … “You are responsible for discussing and settling any fees your Reviewer may charge for accepting to act as your Reviewer and preparing your Feedback Digest. It is recommended that you meet your Reviewer periodically to discuss your mediation practice and your CPD interests.” …”You may select as your Reviewer either an individual or an institution. If an individual, the Reviewer should be a practising mediator, trainer, educator or other highly experienced professional (or ‘elder’) in the mediation field, and must not be a member of your family, or someone who is subordinate to you in your organization. You may also select a dispute resolution institution or other professional body in the dispute resolution field to be your Reviewer (for example, where you are a member of a Panel of Mediators). Bear in mind that you must declare the identity of your Reviewer on your Mediator Profile, and the credibility of your Feedback Digest will in part be determined by the credibility of your Reviewer. Ideal Reviewers will be other IMI Certified Mediators, and institutions recognized by IMI as those appointing their mediation panel members on the basis of competency.” (IMI website).

For more information, go to https://imimediation.org/imi-guidelines-for-appointing-a-reviewer

Step 5: IMI contacts you to guide you through the remaining steps
Step 6: Mediator develops on-line profile

This is the final step in the process of IMI certification. IMI will provide you with more information about this. The IMI website provides an on-line wizard to enable you to do this. Your profile will include your Reviewers comments about the evaluations you provide. In the profile, you must also name the code of conduct that you adhere to, and the complaint mechanism that applies.You might be interested to look at some of the profiles already on the IMI site.

Maintaining IMI certification

Mediators continue to collect feedback. “Your Reviewer will receive future Feedbacks for updating your Feedback Digest as required to maintain your IMI Certification.”

Next step

If you want to proceed with IMI certification, please let us know. Once you have provided us with information that shows you meet the ongoing requirements for Advanced Accreditation, we will be pleased to submit your name to IMI as approved by our QAP program.

Additional or clarifying information

Please go to http://www.imimediation.org/how-to-become-imi-certified >>