About Resolution Institute

Resolution Institute is the largest dispute resolution membership organisation across Australia and New Zealand.

We are a vibrant community of mediators, arbitrators, expert determiners, adjudicators, restorative justice practitioners and other dispute resolution professionals.

Resolution Institute promotes and fosters the use of dispute resolution and the work of our members.

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We value integrity, excellence, innovation, collaboration, diversity and influence. We reflect these values in our work for and with our members.

Resolution Institute provides a voice for our members in advocacy and public discussion about dispute resolution. We go ‘direct to the source’ to gather our members’ thoughts and opinions through surveys, discussions and focus groups.

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We assist the public to find high quality dispute resolution practitioners through our online dispute resolver directory and our nomination service. We help organisations who would like to develop effective dispute resolution processes.

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We develop and support high standards of professional practice through training, ongoing professional development and robust accreditation and grading systems.

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We support and grow a community of practitioners who are ‘leading the way’ in dispute resolution.