Expert determiner accreditation in Australia

Expert Determination accreditation gives you a recognised qualification that shows you've met stringent training and competence standards and are committed to continuous learning. It gives you the credibility to establish and grow yourself as an expert determiner and it gives disputing parties the confidence in your skills, expertise and competence.

What is expert determination?

Expert determination allows for an independent third party, an expert, to decide a technical or specialised issue between disputing parties.

Expert determination is an informal, fast and effective process that can be used to resolve a wide range of disputes including accounting, share valuations, industrial and construction.

Expert determination enables parties to tailor the dispute resolution process to suit the parties. Parties agree on such elements as whether the determination will be legally binding, extent of confidentiality, scope of matters, process and timing for making submissions and submitting documents and other evidence, the role of experts retained by parties, schedule for and attendance at meetings and so on.

Expert determinations can be voluntary, court ordered or agreed upon in a contract.

What does an expert determiner do?

An expert determiner decides a technical matter, drawing on his or her expertise in the field and basing it on the evidence presented by the parties.

An expert determiner receives submissions, documents and other evidence from each side to reach a decision. At the start of the expert determination process, the expert determiner confirms with parties whether or not the decision will be legally binding, the extent of confidentiality, the steps that the parties will take, the timeframe for submissions, documents and other evidentiary information, whether and when meetings will be held and who will attend. In this way, an expert determiner is able to customise the process to suit the parties and to ensure the necessary evidence is available to make a sound decision.

Expert Determination Accreditation

Resolution Institute is the only professional body in Australia that has a formal accreditation for Expert Determiners.

To become an accredited expert determiner you must complete the Resolution Institute training course, successfully complete an expert determination under the supervision of an accredited expert determiner, complete mandatory number of CPD points, provide two determinative decisions, and be assessed by a panel of peers. This is detailed in the Resolution Institute Expert Determiners Policy (the Policy).

All accredited expert determiners are included in the Register of Practising Expert Determiners.

Get accredited

Complete a training course

Before applying for accreditation, a candidate will need to hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of the Resolution Institute Expert Determination Course or the Accelerated Expert Determination Course (see section 3.1 of the Policy).

Further requirements

Having completed the training course, a candidate will need to have successfully completed one expert determination under the supervision and guidance of a Registered Expert Determiner.

A candidate will also need to have accumulated the required CPD points as detailed in the Policy.

Finally, a candidate will need to provide at least two decisions relating to arbitral, adjudicative, or other matters and other documents to demonstrate a high standard of literacy and analysis. These decisions should be redacted or modified.

Apply for inclusion on the Register

Submit your application for accreditation here. Thereafter, please follow the prompts to make payment of the AU$300 (incl GST) application fee.

The Hon Margaret Beazley AC KC Expert Determination Scholarship

Introducing Resolution Institute’s female only expert determination scholarship.

There is a significant gender disparity in determinative dispute resolution in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. Women are substantially underrepresented in the Resolution Institute membership and the broader determinative community generally.

Resolution Institute is committed to meaningful change in this space and to close the gap. In line with our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan and our commitment to increasing representation of women in determinative and commercial dispute resolution practice we are pleased to announce our first female only scholarship.

Now in its second year, the scholarship is open to all Resolution Institute female members, for those wishing to either develop an alternative career path or to be included on the Resolution Institute Register of Practising Expert Determiners. Only citizens of Australia or permanent residents may apply.

The scholarship will be offered at each of our Expert Determiner's Course.

Inclusions and obligations

  • Resolution Institute will cover the full cost of course fees for the duration of the course.
  • All expenses will be paid including flights and accommodation for the course dates (for face to face attendance).
  • It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria should they wish to be included on the panel following the successful completion of the course and assessment.
  • The candidate must be available to attend the full duration of the course.
  • The successful candidate must write a report about her scholarship experience and may be asked to speak at Resolution Institute events.

Who should apply?

We are seeking aspiring female Expert Determiners who are currently working in areas such as law, building and construction, accounting, engineering, mining, or architecture. To be eligible to apply, you must meet the minimum selection criteria:

  • Demonstrated experience in a related industry and/or in the application of dispute resolution within any industry.
  • Three years or more dispute resolution experience or equivalent.

For further information on the course, visit our website

If you are seeking inclusion on the Register, please read the Expert Determiners Policy

Applications will only be accepted if made on the official Application Form.

Applications for the Scholarship are now closed.