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The Leader as Workplace Coach: 2 day In-house training

Whether you are a manager, supervisor, team leader, project manager, or hold another leadership position in your organisation, you likely assist staff with their interactions in the workplace.Challenges often occur when supporting team members with their interpersonal communications, or dealing with them yourself.

The skills developed in this course enable you to be more effective in supporting staff to:

  • Manage their interpersonal differences for themselves
  • Reflect on and consider how they choose to react
  • Engage in difficult conversations and deliver effective feedback
  • Deal with organisational change
  • Work with team dysfunction

This dynamic and interactive 2 day program introduces leaders to the CINERGY® coaching model as a way of supporting staff with conflict management and enhancing their own conflict management skills. Leaders learn how to coach direct reports and others on a one-on-one basis to engage more effectively in their interpersonal communications and conflicts. It introduces important skills such as responsive listening and powerful questioning techniques which underpin effective management communication and the use of a coaching approach.

Resolution Institute delivers this course for organisations in-house, rather than as a public course.

About the course

This 2 day workshop is limited to 15 participants to ensure individual attention and focused learning. It will assist managers, team leaders, supervisors, project managers and those who hold other leadership positions to more effectively manage conflict and apply a coaching approach in their workplace.

Participants will:

  • Learn a proven model for coaching staff and themselves through interpersonal challenges
  • Learn the principles underpinning the CINERGY® coaching approach
  • Gain insights into styles of managing conflicts and disputes
  • Learn how to empower individuals to identify their own solutions and deal with change
  • Consider the nature and impact of interpersonal conflicts and change in the workplace
  • Gain increased knowledge and skills to be effective at coaching team members and others
  • Be equipped to assist others be aware of the impact of their own behaviour
  • Consider the dynamics of conflict and reflect on their own approach
  • May be able to more readily identify signs of conflict and intervene early by having an informal coaching conversation
  • Learn and practice an effective questioning style
  • Increase their own conflict competency and improve their listening and questioning skills.

The workshop is highly interactive incorporating self-reflection, skill-building exercises, discussions, a case study, demonstrations and practice sessions.

Managers participating in our programs report these skills have transformed the way they engage with team members and others to address issues in the workplace and deal with change.


For more information on our two day Leader as Workplace Coach program, please contact Resolution Institute on 02 9251 3366 or