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CINERGY™ conflict coaching 2 day Refresher

Trainer: Lynora Brooke and Julie Walker
CPD: 15 hours

Review the stages of the CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching model, observe a demonstration of a coaching session, practice your coaching skills and reflect on your own approach to conflict.

Conflict Management Coaching Skills - 2 Day Refresher Flyer

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Prerequisite – the 4 day CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching training

You will be attending (revisiting) the first 2 days of the 4 day course. This interactive, 2-day intensive workshop offers you the opportunity to refresh and practise the conflict management coaching skills that you gained during the (prerequisite) 4-day CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching training. Designed to reinforce your knowledge and skills, this workshop involves reviewing the stages of the CINERGY® conflict management coaching model, observing a coaching session demonstration, and the chance to refresh and practise your coaching skills.

Joining in on days 1 and 2 of the 4-day training, you will also have the opportunity to network with other new and experienced conflict management coaches, providing a dynamic learning environment in which to reflect on your own approach to conflict.

The benefits of attending this refresher training are numerous:
  • Connect with new and experienced conflict management coaches
  • Review the intentions of and stages in the conflict management coaching model
  • Practice your skills as a coach and participate as a coaching ‘client’
  • Observe both a conflict management coaching demonstration and other coaches
  • Increase your confidence in use of the conflict management coaching model
  • Refresh your understanding of the Not-so merry-go-round of conflict
  • Opportunity to ask questions regarding use of the model
  • Prepare for accreditation and receive the updated full 4 day course workbook.
Prepare for accreditation

This refresher training is ideal for those planning to sit the assessment for Accreditation as a CINERGY® Conflict Management coach. Accreditation as a conflict management coach identifies you as meeting international competency standards. Once accredited, you will also be listed on our website and be eligible for conflict management coaching referrals.
About conflict management coaching accreditation

About the CINERGY® model of conflict management

What participants have said

"Thorough, well-explained and interactive"

"I feel much more confident in my ability to be a conflict management coach"

"Great opportunity to practice and get feedback in a supportive environment"

"Very thorough review of the theoretical components by a knowledgeable and authentic presenter, delivered with a wealth of real-life experiences"

"Ability to take time out and reflect on process and opportunity to practice model"

"Clarifying the steps and flow of the model; having the reasons for the various steps explained"

"The 2 day refresher works well integrated with the full program. I would recommend for both content & delivery process."