Restorative Engagement: A New Approach

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‘We are at our best when we pause and walk in the shoes of others and reflect on their experiences acknowledging their pain and then commit to right that wrong’.

There is much to talk about concerning the Restorative Engagement Program (‘Program’) of the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce (‘Taskforce’ or ‘the DART’). This article will focus on the evolution of the Program, the principles which underpin it, the conduct of the Restorative Engagement Conferences themselves and the results to date. Other aspects of the Program will also be referred to in terms of material published by the Taskforce.

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We thank the author of this article The Hon Len Roberts-Smith RFD, QC and the journal editor Russell Thirgood for their contribution to this journal.

Tags: Restorative practice, Legal practice, Human resources management, Dispute handling administration