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13 December 2019
Farm Debt Mediation in NSW (AU)
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

In this webinar Hanna discussed the statutory protections and other supports that are available to the parties and mediators participating in farm debt mediation in NSW - a jurisdiction in widespread and prolonged drought. 

Tags: Mediation 
5 December 2019
Reconceptualizing Peace and Conflict Theory as an ideology towards understanding domestic violence in Samoa
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

This webinar is targeted at dispute resolvers and restorative justice practitioners working in the context of domestic violence and hopes to offer a Pacific perspective on this social issue. The webinar will examine, from a Samoan perspective, cultural and religious factors as possible contributors to the problem of domestic violence. 

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28 November 2019
Self-Determination in mediation: practice meets theory meeting practice
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

The literature and standards on mediation regard party self-determination as a key value proposition of the system. In many practice contexts, however, this is not a realistic expectation of the mediation process. This is because of time pressure, lack of information, disparities in bargaining power, social and cognitive biases, difficulties in assessing risk and limitations of advice and wise judgment.

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11 November 2019
Singapore Mediation Lecture
with Joanna Kalowski
1 November 2019
Webinar recording | How to assist parents and lawyers to be child focused in family mediations
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

In this panel webinar, April O'Mara, Denise Britton and Donna Cooper discussed some strategies including asking parents to set some overarching goals, looking at the needs of children based on their ages, referring to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and other visual aids.

Tags: Mediation, FDRPs
24 October 2019
What does it mean for ADR practice? Findings and recommendations of the Inquiry into the Family Law System (AU)
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

Judge Joe Harman, Kylie Beckhouse (Legal Aid) and David Roberts (Relationships Australia) shared their thoughts about the findings and recommendations from the Inquiry into the Family Law System and discussed what it might mean for ADR practice and practitioners.

Tags: Mediation, Family dispute resolution
11 October 2019
Strategies for managing high conflict clients
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

This webinar addresses key paradigm shifts in working with potentially high conflict clients, from giving plenty of EAR Statements (that show empathy, attention and respect), to guiding them to make their own agenda, to a 3-step process for respectfully making proposals. This process reinforces skills that clients may have learned in the New Ways for Families method, but this is not required.

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1 October 2019
Why incorporating Conflict Management Coaching into workplace mediation is a ‘must’!
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

To effectively resolve matters, people must be ‘resolution ready’ and have the emotional and logical ability to be reflective of others’ perspectives and views as well as their own. 

Tags: Mediation, Conflict management coaching
13 September 2019
The workplace and the value of mediation microskills
Webinar recording | Online | Available for purchase

This session takes a closer look at some of the microskills that every HR professional and manager should have in their toolkit and their relevance for relationship management, performance feedback and coaching. 

Tags: Mediation, Human resources management
29 August 2019
Arbitration Deadlock: The Courts to the Rescue

Tulip Bay Pty Ltd v Structural Monitoring Systems Ltd [2019] WASC 223
Legal update | Clayton Utz | August 2019
Written by Karen Ingram and James Crosby.

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