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As a professional membership organisation, Resolution Institute focusses on standards of Dispute Resolution (DR) practice, support services to members and developing an environment in which DR services are frequently used. Resolution Institute encourages members to develop their own business, lead generation and marketing activities. In specific circumstances, Resolution Institute provides a nomination service for parties in dispute:

  • When parties need a contractually agreed, independent and unbiased service to appoint a dispute resolver
  • When a government, industry or agency scheme requires an independent and unbiased third party to appoint an appropriately qualified dispute resolver
  • When in a rare case, an individual requests a dispute resolver.

The nominations process has been designed to ensure that a highly suitable and available dispute resolver is nominated to each dispute. In nominating members for dispute resolution work, Resolution Institute prioritises appropriate transparency, quality, consistency, accountability and privacy as far as the law and other factors allow.

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Board endorsed practice for nominations of members (PDF)

Fact sheet: Nomination of DR professionals (PDF)

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