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13 September 2019
The workplace and the value of mediation microskills
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This session takes a closer look at some of the microskills that every HR professional and manager should have in their toolkit and their relevance for relationship management, performance feedback and coaching. 

Tags: Mediation, Human resources management
7 August 2019
Good practice in Indigenous-led interventions to prevent violence against women
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While the presentation has a particular focus on the needs of indigenous women, those working with domestic violence in a range of circumstances will find many relevant touch points. 

Tags: Mediation, Family dispute resolution
26 July 2019
‘Saving face’ in mediation: perspectives from a Chinese-Australian mediator
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With the steady growth of migrants to Australia and NZ particularly from Asia, cultural considerations become increasingly important in the resolution of disputes involving parties from diverse backgrounds.

Tags: Mediation, Family dispute resolution
26 July 2019
Reflective practice and debriefing
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Every situation in resolving disputes is unique: expect the unexpected.

Mediators learn as they practice and use reflective practice to learn how they learn.

If we were to practice mechanistically using one tool after the other from our toolbox, we neglect or discount the unpredictable nature of human interactions. Reflective practice offers the means for taking a fresh look at our experiences as dispute resolvers. The practical objective is to become more competent through learning ‘through’ and ‘from experience’.

Tags: Mediation, Family dispute resolution
4 July 2019
Working with organisations, building alignments and making plans: a model for mediators to decode, strategise, develop plans and resolve conflict in organisations
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“An excellent presentation by two very knowledgeable and accomplished presenters.”

25 June 2019
Taking stock – where we are at with dispute resolution today
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Resolution Institute Ambassador, the Honourable Wayne Martin AC QC will share his insights drawn from his many years most recently as Chief Justice of Western Australia and previously as legal counsel. This background, combined with his ‘first hand’ experience in both arbitration and mediation, places him in a strong position to give an overview of the alternative dispute resolution scene today as he sees it. 

Tags: Mediation, Arbitration
21 June 2019
Working with lawyers in mediation
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This webinar will look at how to get the best from lawyers in mediations.

Tags: Mediation, Family Dispute Resolution
12 June 2019
In Different Voices: refugee and migrant communities' engagement with conflict resolution
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This webinar draws on the findings from a 2-3 year research project “Engagement of the Auckland Refugee & New Migrant Communities with Conflict Resolution” conducted in the Culture & Society Department of AUT.

Tags: Mediation, Conflict management coaching, Human resources management, General management
7 June 2019
Working with high conflict personalities and situations
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Full of practical ideas, offered from a generous, reflective practitioner

Tags: Mediation, Family dispute resolultion
31 May 2019
Arb-med-arb: Follow the rules or face the costs
Case note | NSW | May 2019 | Available for purchase & free for members

Ku-ring-gai Council v Ichor Constructions Pty Ltd

This case note has been extracted from the Resolution Institute journal The Arbitrator and Mediator May 2019.

Written by Erika Williams and Alex Nicolaidis

Tags:  Arbitration, Mediation, Legal practice, Dispute handling administration
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