Mapping the family relationships’ system: The strategic use of a genogram

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This article explores the benefits of using a three-generational genogram or family chart to work systemically with two or more members of a family in dispute. A genogram assists to understand family patterns of behaviours and decision making and provides clues to the origin of family stories which may be helping or hindering the resolution of their conflict. Each person’s family origin and/or ethnic background can have an influence on how clients react when they are in conflict. By using multigenerational chart family mediation practitioners, family legal practitioners and participants will get a better overview of the context in which the dispute is centred. No mediation is held in isolation. There are often several others who fear they could be harmed or hindered by outcomes as a result of a confidential process in which the participants use their self-determination to gain an outcome that is to their mutual satisfaction.

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Tags: Family mediation, Mediation, Mediation management.