‘Saving face’ in mediation: perspectives from a Chinese-Australian mediator

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With the steady growth of migrants to Australia and NZ particularly from Asia, cultural considerations become increasingly important in the resolution of disputes involving parties from diverse backgrounds.

‘Saving face’, the desire to avoid embarrassment and maintain one’s reputation, is a concept commonly linked to Asian culture and plays an important role in resolving conflict.

In this presentation, Cecily provides insight into cultural nuances and behaviours that arise in conflict, with a particular focus on saving face as it relates to Asian culture. She will share her experiences as a Chinese-Australian mediator to equip practitioners with a deeper understanding of the concept of saving face. The presentation draws on research, observations and personal anecdotes to illustrate various approaches to face saving behaviour in conflict situations.

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About the presenter

Anna Quinn

Cecily Zhu

Mediator and Managing Director of the Accord Group

Cecily Zhu is an accredited mediator and dispute resolution specialist. She is the Managing Director of The Accord Group, an international dispute resolution firm specialising in mediation, facilitation, training and the management of industry dispute resolution schemes. She has worked with clients in Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

She is also a Conciliator at the Fair Work Commission.

Cecily is admitted as a solicitor of the NSW Supreme Court. She holds a combined Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and Law (Honours) degree from the University of New South Wales. She has also studied overseas in Denmark, China and the US.

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Tags: Mediation, Family dispute resolution