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Post-nominals let your clients know that you are a member of a dispute resolution organisation of repute.

Express your commitment to excellence by displaying Resolution Institute post-nominals in your bio's.

Membership post-nominals



FRI Fellow of Resolution Institute
AFRI Associate Fellow of Resolution Institute
PRI Professional member of Resolution Institute
APRI Associate Professional member of Resolution Institute
ARI Associate member of Resolution Institute
PRI Restorative Justice Professional member of Resolution Institute
IRI International member of Resolution Institute

Accreditation post-nominals

Resolution Institute accreditations can be included in post-nominals as:



Arb 1, Arb 2 or Arb 3 Arbitrator grading 1, 2 or 3
Med or AdvMed Mediator or Advanced Mediator accreditation
Adj Accredited adjudicator
CMC Conflict management coaching accreditation
FDRP Family dispute resolution provider/practitioner accreditation
NMAS National Mediator Accreditation System accreditation


Restorative justice facilitator accreditation, restorative justice facilitator advanced accreditation, specialist endorsement for working with sexual offending, specialist endorsement for working with family violence.

Using accreditation post-nominals

Accreditation post-nominals can be appended to the membership post-nominals, without brackets and separated by commas. For example:

  • If you are a professional member with advanced mediator accreditation and conflict management coaching accreditation, you could use PRIAdvMed,CMC.
  • If you are a fellow with arbitrator level 1 grading, you could use FRIArb1.

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