Resolving disputes

Building or construction disputes

It may surprise you to learn how many dispute resolution options are available to businesses and individuals within the building and construction industry.

Types of dispute resolution processes

There are many dispute resolution options available for parties in the building and construction industry. The best results come from matching your needs with the right type of dispute resolution process.

Adjudication: Choose adjudication when you want an independent adjudicator to decide a domain name or building and construction payment dispute.

Mediation: Choose mediation when you want a mediator to assist you and the other participants to interact respectfully and to decide an outcome yourselves.

Conciliation: Choose conciliation when you want the help of a conciliator who can manage the discussion and provide advice so you can decide the outcome yourselves.

Arbitration: Choose arbitration for complex cases when you want an independent arbitrator to make an enforceable decision for you.

Expert Determination: Choose expert determination when your dispute is technical or specialised and you want an independent expert to make a decision for you.

Find a dispute resolution professional

Whatever the circumstances that brought you to dispute, we can help find the right person to help you resolve it.

As the largest dispute resolution organisation in Australia and New Zealand, Resolution Institute dispute resolver directories let you select a professional from a wide and diverse pool. You can filter your search by accreditation, areas of practice and regions where professionals work. There is no fee to use the directory.



If you cannot reach an agreement with the other parties on who your dispute resolver will be, we can act as a neutral organisation and choose the best person to resolve your dispute. Our nomination services team can nominate a professional from our wide pool of members. Please follow the links below to submit a nomination application request.

Dispute resolution clauses for contracts

Building dispute resolution clauses into your contract provides clarity for all parties about options available to resolve issues that may arise. Follow the link below to our resources library where we provide free clauses you may use in your next contract.

Dispute resolution contract clauses

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