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Adjudication online application form

This application form has been designed to step you through the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payments Acts through the various states and determine whether your application is valid.

Although this form references and links to relevant legislation, its purpose is merely descriptive and is not intended to constitute legal advice. If you require further clarification, each numbered section links directly to corresponding legislation.

Please be aware that the online form cannot be saved while in progress. All progress will be lost unless the form is submitted. For your convenience, please ensure that you have access to the following documentation before you begin filling in the form:

- Building contract (if possible please have access to a separate PDF of any due date clauses in the contract)

- Payment claim

- Payment schedule (if provided)

- Notice of intention to apply for adjudication (if relevant)

- Project details

- Submissions

- Other relevant attachments and evidence

NB: The maximum file size that can be uploaded on this form is 10 megabytes (MB). if your file exceeds this limit, you can submit your documents to us through Dropbox, facsimile or physical service to any of our offices >>

Upon completion of the online form, except for the ACT, please make sure you serve the respondent with a complete copy of the application in accordance with the relevant State Act that you are applying under. 









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