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FDR Provider accreditation

Becoming an FDR Provider

The FDR Regulations 2013 >> set out the competencies required for accreditation as an FDR Provider. If you would like to become an FDR Provider, the next step will depend on the experience you already have in mediation and working with families.

FDR training

If you are not an accredited mediator you will probably need to start with our 5 Day Mediation Workshop>>. Depending on what other relevant experience you have (for example working with families in other roles such as being a family lawyer or counsellor) you may also need to do an FDR workshop focusing on other competencies required for FDR providers. You may also need to get some mediation experience before seeking FDR Provider accreditation

If you are an experienced mediator a 1-day FDR Workshop can help provide the additional knowledge you need for FDR.

We schedule FDR training as demand warrants.
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FDR accreditation

For experienced mediators who already have our accreditation, a professional conversation assessment is required to demonstrate your competence for FDR.

A professional conversation assessment is a structured conversation between a candidate and an assessor. The term “Professional Conversations” is owned by Competency International Ltd and used with permission. The following guide gives you tips on preparing for a FDR professional conversation.

Professional conversation guide

If you are not currently accredited as a mediator you will need to apply for our accreditation as well as FDR Provider accreditation.

If you are already an FDRP we may be able to assess you based on evidence of your experience and other accreditations

To apply for FDR Provider accreditation please return the application form to infonz@resolution.institute

FDR Provider accreditation application form