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Te Pae Oranga

Resolution Institute, in partnership PACT Training Consultants, is working with New Zealand Police to provide training for Te Pae Oranga facilitators.

What is Te Pae Oranga?

Te Pae Oranga, previously known as Iwi Panels, is an iwi based response to crime that aims to hold participants (the offenders) to account for their offending and, as far as possible, repair the harm they have done to the victim and the community, and reduce the chance of their reoffending. Key points are:

  • Te Pae Oranga deals with a specific offence
  • The participant meets with a panel of kaumatua/kuia to discuss the offence and what can be done to put right the harm caused
  • Whānau are involved and Te Pou Oranga aims to meet the needs of both the participant and whānau
  • The hui matua (conference) is a managed, ‘facilitated’ process
  • Where there is a victim, the victim and whānau of the victim can choose to attend the hui matua

What the training involves

The training consists of five pre-course modules. Successful completion of the pre-course modules is a pre-requisite for attendance at the Te Pae Oranga Facilitator Induction training course, which is a one week full time practical course.

For each of the five pre-course modules there is an assessment. Modules 1-4 are assessed on-line. Module 5 is assessed by phone or audio visual link.

Only trainees approved by Police can access and complete the on-line assessments. If you would like to do the assessments please contact Whiti Timutimu Juanita.Timutimu@police.govt.nz. Once approved by Police, Resolution Institute will email a link to the assessments.

Please login to the members area using the username and password provided to access Modules 1-5.