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Restorative justice facilitator induction training


Induction training application process

Online modules

5 day training course


Restorative justice facilitator induction training consists of two components online self study modules and a 5 day course.

It is important that the online modules and the assessments for each module are completed before the 5 day course.  You can start work on these anytime and preferably as soon as you join a restorative justice provider.

Restorative justice facilitator induction
training application process

No. weeks before course start date Action

10 Weeks

Mentoring Plan & Application Form

Module 1 Assessment

Provider Manager and applicant complete RJ Facilitator Mentoring Plan and application form>>. Requirements for form:
Confirm that a police check request has been sent to MOJ.
Return form to rj@resolution.institute

Pre-work Modules 1-7 About>>
Applicant starts on the pre-work  modules>>

Complete Module 1 assessment
On completion of Module 1 complete the online assessment>>
On successful completion of the Module 1 assessment you will be sent access details for Module 2 - 5 assessments.

8 Weeks

Modules 2-5

Start working on Module 6

Complete assessments for modules 2-5.

Start working on Modules 6>>
Module 6 involves the facilitator sitting in on a conference and submitting a written report that meets the report writing standards covered in the module.

7 Weeks

Module 6

Module 6 report submitted to Anne at Pact for marking.

Start on Module 7.

5 Weeks

Module 7

Module 7 assessment completed via a phone conversation.

4 Weeks

Place confirmation

Place confirmed on RJ facilitator induction training course.

Course details provided.

Online modules

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5 day course

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