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Probity Adviser accreditation

Resolution Institute promotes the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in providing procurement services including those related to planning, purchasing, evaluation, contracting and disposal. Probity refers to acting with integrity, uprightness, honesty and utmost care in adhering to the highest principles and ideals, including transparency and accountability.

Are you interested in becoming a probity adviser accredited by Resolution Institute to provide probity audits and probity advice?

If you would like to find out about:

Application Form

To apply for accreditation as a Probity Service Provider please complete the application form below:

Application for Accreditation as a Probity Service Provider (Procurement)

Please note: The accreditation process is currently under review. Please submit your interest to our Nominations team, so that we can contact you when the review process is complete. Thank you for your patience.

Please contact the Resolution Institute office.