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Online modules

About the modules

Modules consist of two components:

  1. The module workbook
  2. Module assessment

There are 7 pre-course, self-study modules:

Guidelines for completing modules

  • Work through the modules 1-5 in order, however we suggest you start on module 6 as soon as you have completed module 1 so that you have time to observe a conference.  
  • If you are already familiar with the content of a particular module you can go straight to the assessment
  • You can have the module with you when you do the assessment - it is an open book assessment
  • Do the assessment alone - it is your knowledge and understanding we need to assess

Complete the modules

RJ Facilitator working with a MOJ contracted Provider - access the modules here>>

Not an RJ Facilitator working with a MOJ contracted Provider - register to complete the modules here>>

Complete assessment

Complete module 1 assessment

You will  need to use your email address to create a login to our online assessment system.

Once you have completed the assessment for module one you will be allocated the assessments for other modules.


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Module resources

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