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Adjudicator accreditation

The Resolution Institute adjudicator accreditation system contributes to delivering high standards of adjudication practice and quality determinations in the building and construction industry.

Are you interested in becoming an adjudicator accredited by Resolution Institute to adjudicate a dispute about payments in the building and construction industry?

If you would like to find out about:

About building and security of payment schemes

Except in Queensland, claimants who have a dispute over payment in the building and construction industry in Australia, may lodge an adjudication application with an Authorised Nominating Authority (ANA) such as the Resolution Institute. (In Queensland, applicants lodge their dispute directly with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.)

Resolution Institute nominates an adjudicator, drawn from the Resolution Institute Register of Adjudicators, to determine the dispute.

To be included on the Register, Resolution Institute members may submit an application for accreditation. Resolution Institute accredits applicants as adjudicators who have been assessed as having the appropriate education, knowledge, experience and competence relevant to the state or territory for which the accreditation is sought.

Application form

To apply for accreditation as an adjudicator in WA, please complete the application form below. We are currently not able to take applications for accreditation in NSW, VIC, TAS, the ACT, SA, or NT.

Application for accreditation and inclusion on the Register of Adjudicators


Please contact the Resolution Institute office.