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About FDR


Changes to the Family Justice System from 31 March 2014 mean that parents who are separating now have more options for reaching agreement on parenting maters without going to court. If parents need help to reach agreement without going to court Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) mediation may help parents reach agreement on parenting arrangements

Some of the FDR mediations are funded by the Ministry of Justice; others are paid for by the parties to the mediation. To provide FDR, a mediator must become an accredited FDR Provider. To be eligible to do Ministry of Justice funded mediation, mediators need to work with a FDR supplier who is contracted by the Ministry of Justice.

Resolution Institute's role in FDR

We are an Approved Dispute Resolution Organisation (ADRO) under the Family Dispute Resolution Regulations 2013. This means we are able to accredit mediators to provide FDR services. Once a mediator becomes an accredited FDR Provider, they must have ongoing membership of an ADRO to be able to practice FDR.

We are:

  • Providing training to people who would like to become an accredited FDR provider
  • Assessing and accrediting FDR providers
  • Providing membership services for accredited FDR providers