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Legal update

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It's going to cost how much? The need for care in appealing arbitration decisions
John Holland Pty Ltd v Adani Abbot Point Terminal Pty Ltd (No 2) [2018] QSC 48 >>
Thanks to Karen Ingram (Partner) and Josh Krechman from Clayton Utz Litigation and Dispute Resolution team, for preparation of the Legal Update.

Member's voice

Riki Jamieson-Smyth, New Zealand
Experiences from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner >>

Peter Franks, New Zealand
High Conflict People - tips for mediators >>

Peter Singer, Australia
I fought the law >>


DR resources


PODCAST | Australian Security of Payment legislation - High Court guidance
A discussion focussed on two High Court rulings, setting out the scope of review from an adjudicator’s determination and providing guidance on when a payment clause will be a prohibited ‘pay when paid’ clause >>


Disrupting work law: Arbitration in the Gig economy
Read this 2018 paper exploring the significance of individual arbitration in a world that is predicted to have a large share of independent workers >>

ICCA Sydney: Hot Topics and New Voices
Takeaways from a panel discussion on: illegally obtained evidence, One Belt-One Road initiative, parallel proceedings, and harassment and sexual misconduct >>


Effective paperwork in mediation
Our NZ member Geoff Sharp shares highlights from the guide to Effective written submissions produced by Justice Susan Glazebrook of the Supreme Court of New Zealand >> 

VIDEO | Views from the Eye of the Storm: Howard Bellman
Watch this interview with an expert in the field of labor-management mediation and mediation in the public sector >>

PPT | WA Chapter | Dispute resolution in family law - can we do more? 
Colin Kaeser outlined how the landscape of family law may change and discussed how mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners, can do more >>

PPT | WA Chapter | Partings: application of grief theory and models of grief in mediation
Thomas Geldmacher-Musiol and Daniela Musiol discussed the application of various grief models in mediation. >>

Restorative Justice

PODCAST | Margaret Thorsborne with Restorative Justice International
An Australian restorative justice expert speaks on the relevance of restorative justice in cases of school and workplace bullying >>

General DR

5 impactful questions for handling difficult moments
Tammy Lenski shares common difficult moments and powerful questions to help you through them >>

Ask a Negotiator: Philip Williams
Read about the journey of a leading negotiator and negotiation trainer in this interview >>

A Neuro-Linguist’s Toolbox – Rapport: Representational Systems
Read how you can build rapport with clients by effectively using representational systems such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic >>

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Professional learning

Resolution Institute

Local networking and CPD

Developing a conflict coaching proposal and elevator pitch >>
Sydney, 28 Apr

Workshop discussion: ALRC family law review >>
Sydney, 28 Apr

Industry update: the latest from the GCDR >>
Wellington, 30 Apr

Mediating in the age of complexity - a new approach >>
Adelaide, 8 May

Externalising conversations: separating the problem from the person >>
Hobart, 15 May

Resolution Institute Michael Klug Awards 2018 >>
Perth, 15 May

Family group conferencing and child protection >>
Sydney, 16 May

Support people in mediation >>
Sydney, 24 May

How the mediator’s mindset effects the outcome of the dispute/mediation? >>
Newcastle, 31 May


12-1PM AEST | 2-3PM NZST 

MBT-M Mediation: Working with high conflict parties in mediation, negotiation and facilitative arbitration >>
3 May

Who is the parent? Social and biological factors in parenting disputes >>
10 May

‘Risk managing’ your practice…tips and strategies >>
17 May

When you talk, what does your client hear? >>
6 Jun


Mediation NMAS training >>
Mediation 'Refresher' training >>
Mediator assessments >>
CINERGY™ 4-day conflict coaching >>
CINERGY™ 2-day 'Refresher' training >>

Other providers

Restorative Justice Facilitator Training >>
with Victoria University of Wellington
Wellington, 1-3 May or 1-3 Aug

Conflict transformation by group conferencing >>
with Dr David Moore and Dr Alikki  Vernon
Melbourne, 2-4 May 

Creative Facilitation : Design Masterclass >> 
with Viv McWaters
Melbourne, 9-10 May

Facilitating difficult conversations in the workplace workshop >>
with The Zalt Group 
Melbourne, 10-11 May or 10-11 Oct

Getting to yes with yourself : Masterclass >>
with William Ury
Scotland, 14 May

Workplace Investigations Training >>
with The Zalt Group 
Melbourne, 22 May or 18 Oct

Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management >>
with The Zalt Group 
Melbourne, 24 May

Foundations of facilitation >>
with Bob Dick
Brisbane, 24-25 May

Make your facilitation extraordinary >>
with Liana Stupples
Wellington, 24-25 May

Elder mediation training webinars >>
with EMAN & Brav
28 May, 4 Jun, 12 Jun

Sea changes in civil and criminal litigation worldwide: implications for ADR practitioners >>
with University of Fiji
Fiji, 11-12 Jun

Courses in peacebuilding >>
with Canadian School of Peacebuilding 
Canada, 11-15 & 18-22 Jun

26th Annual Sir Ninian Stephen Lecture >>
with Newcastle Law School
Newcastle, 13 Jun

Tuscan Mediation Retreat >>
with Margaret Ross, Greg Rooney and Barbara Wilson
Tuscany, 16-23 Jun 

Presencing Foundations Programme >>
with Presencing Institute
Perth, 9-13 Jul

Advanced facilitation >>
with Bob Dick
Brisbane, 19-20 Jul

International Advanced Course for Mediators >>
with Joanna Kalowski (Aus), Heather Allen, Lawrence Kershen QC, David Richbell
Tuscany, 23-28 Sep

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