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The Resolution Institute community was saddened to learn of respected mediation pioneer, Micheline Dewdney’s death on 31 July 2016.

2013 - Micheline Dewdney

Micheline will be known to many as a vibrant part of both the LEADR and IAMA communities, regularly attending Sydney networking events, national conferences and AGMs. Usually seated in the front row, Micheline contributed thoughtful questions and generously acknowledged organisational and individual achievements of many. Micheline was a strong supporter of the integration of LEADR and IAMA.

Author of seminal DR text, The Mediator’s Handbook, with Ruth Charlton, Micheline contributed widely to research and writing in dispute resolution. An advanced practitioner at LEADR. Micheline was awarded the Michael Klug award in 2013 by the LEADR Board. This award acknowledged Micheline’s continuing intellectual and practical dedication to excellence in mediation practice. In making the Award, the Board recognised Micheline’s enthusiasm for mediation in its role in dispute resolution and peacemaking, noting in particular her participation in the ADR practitioner community and her mentoring role of new mediators preparing for their accreditation.
Listen to the presentation ceremony here >>

Micheline’s family, John and Tom Dewdney, have held a private memorial for Micheline. Resolution Institute sends our condolences and warm wishes to Micheline’s family and friends at this sad time.

Vale Micheline Dewdney

Sent by Resolution Institute,
Sydney - Wellington