LEADR - Association of Dispute Resolvers

Call for nominations 

Become a part of the Resolution Institute SA Chapter Committee?

With exciting plans underway for the year ahead, the SA Chapter Committee are keen to recruit two more enthusiastic members with energetic views toward the development of the SA Chapter.  

Please nominate by 10 November 2015  

Please email your details to Resolution Institute at infoaus@resolution.institute

Reasons to become a more active part of the Resolution Institute community
Resolution Institute is first and foremost an organisation of members. Its Objects (listed in the Constitution >>) are to:

  • promote the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practised by its members;
  • foster the use of ADR to prevent, manage and resolve conflict and disputes;
  • contribute to the growth and development of ADR through consultation with government, business, individuals and other organisations;
  • provide information about ADR and about DR practitioners to the public;
  • develop and support high standards of practice in ADR;
  • provide and encourage the provision of education, training, accreditation and research in ADR; and
  • provide services to support the professional development and practice of ADR. 
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