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Legal update

Pole Position: Victorian Supreme Court waves chequered flag on foreign arbitral award
Giedo van der Garde and Anor v Sauber Motorsport AG [2015] VSC 80 >>

Thanks to Shanil Lal and Karen Ingram from Clayton Utz Litigation and Dispute Resolution team, for preparation of the Legal Update.

Australian and New Zealand news


LEADR & IAMA included in drafts of AS 11000 and AS 11001 

Replacing a previous suite of standards, Australian Standard AS 11000 (currently in draft) is intended to provide general guidance for contracts. AS 11001 (in draft also) focusses on dispute resolution and management in contracts. Both Standards refer to LEADR & IAMA for mediation and arbitration >>

Ground Floor Wentworth Chambers Sydney Barristers references LEADR & IAMA in DR contract clauses

Referring to LEADR & IAMA as the nominating body for appointment of DR practitioners, we are looking forward to more firms following their lead. 

DR industry forum on 14 May - a brand new vision and contemporary principles

Bringing together leading practitioners, this upcoming forum will address how DR organisations can enable increased communication with government, business, and the community >>

The Australia Grand Prix places arbitration in the spotlight

mondaq.com: Reflecting on the Victorian Court’s recent enforcement of international arbitration award, Gary Hughes points to some valuable lessons around contractual issues >>

Mediation paved the way for systemic solutions for NZ’s disabled students 

PODCAST radio.nz.co: Ava Gibson, former LEADR NZ CEO, and Rachel Anderson-Smith, Disability Services Manager, outline how a human rights complaint led to inclusive education >>

When ‘arbitrate’ actually means ‘adjudicate’ 

lexology.com: In light of the Commercial Arbitration Act 2010 (NSW), Andrew Lacey and Ashleigh Whittaker remark on the alarming trend of arbitration clauses to limit future dispute resolution options >>

Protection from disclosure prevails in multi-million dollar tax assessment

findlaw.com.au: A recent decision on behalf of the Federal Court of Australia proves both the wide scope and strength of legal professional privilege >>

Government considers ADR following review of tax dispute management

chnheroldross.com.au: The Inspector-General of Taxation has called for a separate appeals unit within the ATO to provide dispute resolution services >>

An increased culture of 'family money' triggers rise to post-death conflicts

lexology.com: Growing complexity of family arrangements, as well as greater knowledge of court challenge ­options has seen exponential funds poured into will disputes >> 

The challenge of balancing 'tika' (doing what is right) on an independent adjudication panel  
PODCAST radio.nz.co: Scholar and researcher, Dr Wayne Ngata, reflects on the ‘balancing act’ when overseeing the Central North Island (CNI) iwi collective >>  

International news

USA: Shifting a squabbling populace into harmonious coexistence

animalnewyork.com: Preventing New Yorkers from ‘ripping each other’s heads off’, the NY Peace Institute offers free mediation >> 

UK: Launch of ADR services to reduce the ‘pain’ of costs disputes 

hsfnotes.com:  Including early neutral evaluation, arbitration and multi-case mediation, the Association of Costs Lawyers in the UK are adamant to expand dispute resolution options >>

CHINA: China’s arbitration practice swings from ambiguous disunion to competitive edge 

mondaq.com: Reinforcing commitment to best practice, China’s International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission’s (CIETAC) uses new rules to boost arbitral effectiveness in a global market >>

USA: Conflict resolution as teachable opportunity in tertiary environments  

sctimes.com: A pilot mediation program at South Junior High School helps students develop problem-solving, communication and self-regulation skills >>    

Ukraine: Joint signing of Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT)

lexology.com: Granting a number of necessary guarantees, Japan and the Ukraine have entered into agreement to reinforce market-oriented policies and export promotion >>  

INDIA: ADR as a means to redeem the ‘common man’

mediationworld.net: Alarmed by a judiciary catering only to the ‘rich and resourceful’, Chief Justice of Hyderabad insists that ADR must revive India’s constitution >>

BANGLADESH: Increasing cross-border business through arbitral mechanisms  

financialexpress.net: Acknowledging the need for a neutral platform of dispute resolution, Francis Xavier, SC, of Rajah &Tann, asserts that the government must borrow ideas from ADR-friendly countries >>

USA: ‘Robo-adjudication’ system reconsidered

foxbusiness.com: Having implemented an automated system for unemployment insurance claims, the Michigan Unemployment Agency is under legal fire for potentially violating constitutional rights >>  


Position vacant for Dispute Resolution Practitioner in Geelong and Wyndham
This part-time role for LifeWorks, is responsible for dispute resolution services and for creating enduring settlement agreements >>

French student of international arbitration seeks internship
A Ph.D applicant who has specialised in international disputes wishes to apply for an intern position from July to September 2015. Contact Alexandre-Yacine SOULEYE >>

Asia Pacific conference call for papers and presenters by 29 April
7th Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia, 7-9 of October 2015 >>

2015 Taipei International Conference call for papers by 30 April 
Inviting arbitration experts and scholars to provide the latest academic findings and case studies >> 

Applications ​for the 2016-17 Rotary Peace Fellowship close 31 May  
Selecting some of the world’s brightest and most dedicated professionals to receive fully funded fellowships to study at Rotary Peace Centre >>

Join the 31st Compassionate Listening journey to Palestine, 2-13 November
In support of international peacemakers, this is an opportunity to join others in a region deeply in need of listening compassion >> 

What's on

LEADR & IAMA training

Mediation courses >>

Mediation 'Refresher' workshops >>

Assessment of mediator competency >>

CINERGY™ conflict coaching,
4 day >>

NZ FDR Provider Professional Development Workshops >> 

Other CPD & training

Early Neutral Evaluation with Chief Magistrate of Victoria, Peter Lauritsen >>

Melbourne, 5 May

Elder Mediation Training Course – why should you care?  >> 
with Consensus Conflict Mgt  
Brisbane, 30 June – 3 July

LEADR & IAMA members receive a $200 discount off registration fee as well as a FREE copy of Crystal Thorpe’s book 'Mom Always Liked you best'

5-Tool Negotiator workshop >> 
with UCLA Professor Russell Korobkin 
Melbourne, 1 September

Keeping your LEADR & IAMA CPD updated

Save time by keeping your CPD record as you go. Simply login to the Members Area of the LEADR & IAMA website and select My Account - CPD & Practice Hours.

Any LEADR & IAMA events you attend will automatically be listed, and you can add other events as you like and all will be saved in one place for your re-accreditation. Login to start adding to your CPD now >> 


Facilitation & Mediation of Public & Environmental Conflicts >>
5-7 May

International Arbitration Week 2015 >>
Sponsored by LEADR & IAMA 
Kuala Lumpur

7-9 May ​

ISDS: A Way Forward >>
Brussels, Belgium
27 May

International Institute for Restorative Practice Conference>>
10-12 June

Mediation workshop for practising mediators >>
Tuscany, 20-27 June

2nd World Mediation Summit >> 
Madrid, 29 June-2 July

Identity-based conflict resolution certificate >>
Bar-Ilan Univeristy,  
Israel, 5-30 July

Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Conference  >>
Sponsored by LEADR & IAMA 
Jakarta, 7-9 October ​

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