3 September 2015

The story behind Resolution Institute

The Board is very pleased to launch the new name and logo. Outlined here is a description of the process and steps the Board has taken to develop the name.

A short video

Working alongside branding company, Uberbrand, the Board workshopped the ideals, concepts, values and visuals that would communicate who we are as an organisation:  

Letters from the Chair, Margaret Halsmith

Launching our new name & logo - Part 1 >>
This letter details the Board's initial discussions (post integration) regarding the need for a new, consolidated name and logo. These discussions were informed by the feedback gained from the members' survey sent out in early 2015.

Launching our new name & logo - Part 2 >>
This letter delineates the Board's distillation process over a day-long workshop facilitated by  Uberbrand. Board members honed in on the core features of our organisation and how these could be communicated.

Launching our new name & logo - Part 2 >>
This letter identifies individual elements that informed the visual and textual components of our new name and logo.  

For the full list of the Resolution Institute 'value's click here >>