7 December 2016

Students sit for Advanced Arbitration course exam

In a joint venture with the University of Adelaide, Resolution Institute conducts a bi-annual arbitration course which meets the requirements of the Resolution Institute Policy for the Registration of Practising Arbitrators.

Students sitting for their exam in six locations were invigilated by Resolution Institute members (picture shows the session in Western Australia).

The Professional Certificate in Arbitration is delivered online and through short intensive face to face workshops.

The course is designed for completion in two parts: an Introductory Course and an Advanced Course, over two university semesters. The Introduction to Arbitration course is offered from February to June, and the Advanced Arbitration course from July to October.

The practical component includes extensive arbitration simulation exercises conducted in each of two semesters. Forty students, drawn from within Australia and from overseas, participated in this university course and its practical component in 2016.