16 May 2017

Strategic innovation project announced with ODR developer

In March this year Resolution Institute was pleased to formalise a relationship with an ODR technology company by signing an MOU to work together on a joint venture.

MODRON is a private enterprise which aims to improve the quality of human interactions through providing accessible and carefully designed technology.

Together with MODRON, Resolution Institute will provide each NMAS accredited mediator in Australia and Resolution Institute accredited mediator in New Zealand, exclusive access to a new and bespoke online mediation platform designed to enhance mediation practice, accessibility and service for mediators, clients and representatives. (Mediators who are not Resolution Institute members will have online access to the standard version of the platform).

MODRON tablet It is the first of its kind in the world, bringing together over 40 valuable practice management tools such as billing, document management, e-marketing, scheduling, contacts, and process management into a single, integrated platform. It will combine this with cutting edge communications technology that enables parties, representatives and mediators to communicate online, from any device, anywhere in the world – together or asynchronously. Each participant can type, telephone or video conference from wherever they are connected to the internet, allowing greater flexibility than ever before.

We expect this platform to transform the mediation landscape for Australia and New Zealand and beyond. Find out more about Resolution Institute's ODR innovation projects here>>

A volunteer committee of MODRON representatives, Resolution Institute members and staff is working to ensure that the platform works intuitively and seamlessly for mediators in every setting, aligns with the NMAS and Resolution Institute practice standards and offers members an innovative and useful tool to enhance their business.MODRON many devices

In coming months NMAS accredited mediators in Australia and Resolution Institute accredited mediators in New Zealand will find out more about this transformational innovation.

For more information about MODRON, visit