13 June 2017

Resolution Institute responds to Security of Payment Laws review

Resolution Institute is pleased to be given the opportunity to respond to the Review of Security of Payment laws: Issues Paper by John Murray AM, released in February 2017 (‘Issues Paper’).

Resolution Institute welcomes the Commonwealth Government’s initiatives to undertake a review security of payments laws in the building and construction industry nationally.

To consider the matters addressed in the Issues Paper, Resolution Institute sought comment from our member adjudicators nationally. Resolution Institute is grateful to our member adjudicators and acknowledges their comments which have helped to inform this Response. We have extracted dominant themes from the comments of our members and have included in this Response samples of their individual comments.

Resolution Institute has not addressed all of the issues raised in the Issues Paper, as there are certain topics best addressed by industry participants or other interests. Resolution Institute has directed comment to matters specifically relating to matters relevant to our role as an ANA, including the quality of adjudications, appointment of adjudicators, fees and training of adjudicators.

Resolution Institute Submission to Review of SOP Issues Paper 2017