24 February 2020

Presentation to Wayne Marriott, 2019 Michael Klug Award

Presentation to Wayne Marriott, 2019 Michael Klug Award 18 February 2020


The purpose of this evening’s event is to present the Michael Klug Award. Before I do however, I would like to express my personal thanks to the NZ Resolution Institute team for the organisation of tonight’s event. It is very much appreciated by me and everyone here.

I commenced as the CEO of Resolution Institute late last year and I am very proud to lead this impressive organisation. Resolution Institute is the largest association of dispute resolution professionals in the southern hemisphere comprising more than 3,000 mediators, arbitrators, conciliators, adjudicators, restorative practitioners and other dispute resolution practitioners across Australia and New Zealand.

We have an impressive and diverse membership group who cumulatively work as peacekeepers in a volatile world and every day I am been impressed by the caliber of our members and their commitment to the dispute resolution community.

Tonight is a very special occasion for Resolution Institute in that it affords us the opportunity to publicly acknowledge an extraordinary individual for his work and achievements: Wayne Marriott, the winner of the 2019 Resolution Institute Michael Klug Award.

Presentation of the Resolution Institute Michael Klug Award

The Michael Klug Award is presented annually 'to any person who has in the previous 12 months contributed towards the peaceful resolution of conflict in the best interests of the community.'

Michael Klug was the Founding Vice-Chair of LEADR, one of our predecessor organisations from 1989 until the end of 1995. He was also Chair in 1996 and a Director for nine and a half years during the period 1989-2001. Michael created the acronym and name of LEADR, Lawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution. A managing partner in Clayton Utz, Michael held, and still holds, the view that lawyers should embrace ADR.

This year the Board considered seven very worthy nominations for the award.

Wayne Marriott

In selecting Wayne Marriott to join an illustrious group of past recipients, the board was extremely impressed with his dedication to the dispute resolution profession, his dedication to the community and his dedication to excellence and self-improvement.

Wayne’s connection with his community is the driving force behind a lifetime of service to the public. In various professional and volunteer environments, he strives to leave people better off than they were before meeting him. His dynamic approach to practice is nimble and flexible in the provision of mediation, restorative justice and restorative mediation and facilitation, that aims to help people to communicate better, thereby preventing disputes alongside resolving open conflict.

Wayne delivers various conflict management practices to a wide range of clientele. He successfully navigates the balance of entrepreneurial abilities, paying a mortgage and pro-bono approaches that support community initiatives. He provides many free engagements for people in his community from fencing disputes between residential neighbours to supporting and mentoring youth within the criminal justice system. Wayne supports ‘community’ wherever he is and in many different contexts.

This was particularly evident following the Christchurch Mosque shooting on the 15th March 2019 where Wayne set in place several independent activities following the event. His first foray into the post-trauma environment had him team up with a Muslim community advisory group to provide input into the group’s advice to government. Wayne’s specific expertise in trauma recovery within the context of extremism and terrorism continues to be of benefit to Just Community, and the people in Christchurch that have been affected by the violence. Wayne has also developed a programme with the aim of improving community dialogue. The ‘Welcome Neighbour’ strategy involves a series of skills development activities for residents all over Christchurch developed to improve diversity and foster inclusion within the community. This is a testament to Wayne.  

Personally, Wayne embodies the Resolution Institute values and epitomises excellence in his approach to his practice.

Recently, Wayne completed a master’s degree in Conflict Transformation with the Eastern Mennonite University. His studies required that he was resident in the United States for much of 2016-2018, a huge commitment to bettering his knowledge in my eyes! Most of his academic work centred around New Zealand based subject matter, and he concluded his studies with a qualitative research programme of restorative justice practices at the Christchurch District Court.

The impact of Wayne’s work has also now been felt outside of NZ during the recent bushfire crisis in Australia. Resolution Institute and members in Australia wanting to contribute to the recovery efforts, but our members in Australia weren’t sure where to start. Wayne was kind enough to take the time to advise me on how we could best set up a program for assistance and what we should consider in doing so. His advice was well considered and was instrumental in the development of our terms of reference and I’m so very grateful for the time and thought that Wayne took to share his insights with me. His learnings from the events last year and his personal role in those events will undoubtedly enable our members in Australia to assist bushfire victims in a way that is empathic, thoughtful and most importantly, in a way that will support them through what is undoubtedly one of the most traumatic times of their lives. Thank you Wayne.

At this point I would like to hand over to Julia Hennessy, the current Vice Chair of Resolution Institute to present the award. 

Please join me in congratulating Wayne.