23 June 2020

NZ update | June 2020

Kia ora

Firstly, it is great to be out of lockdown and whilst we have some way to go to return to normal, it is nice to have some freedom. It is also very pleasing to see people out supporting local businesses. I think this is one of the best ways we can help restore our economy to how it should be.

It is also good to see our mediation rooms being used once again.

It is membership renewal time and I strongly encourage you to renew as soon as possible. If you have accreditations these will lapse if your membership lapses. This year, due to COVID-19, we have some options for payment if you are finding it challenging to pay the full fee in one go. Please contact Kim to talk about what we can offer to make payment easier for you.

At Resolution Institute we have been working hard on providing more services to our members. To do so we needed to create a new strategic plan which took a good look at all the roles and how we could best fill them. There is a clarifying restructure underway that will match skills to roles. In New Zealand this will mean little change other than Laura Collins’ previously-mentioned promotion to the management team.

We have had our first few applications for farm debt mediation accreditation. The applicants are well-versed in mediation in the rural sector and will make great farm debt mediators. Once a person applies, and Sue Wells from AMINZ or I check the information and confirm the application can proceed, it is assigned to an assessor who undertakes a ‘testing’ professional conversation with the applicant. If this is all in order, the applicant becomes authorised to provide farm debt mediation as per the Act and his/her name is placed on the MPI website.

A few years ago, Larry Morgan, a member from Victoria, made a bequest to Resolution Institute. Mr Morgan was very much a supporter of alternative dispute resolution. In 2018 the Board decided to use the funds to provide access to mediation training to candidates in remote areas in New Zealand and Australia.

I am very pleased to say that the development work on creating a remotely-accessible mediation course is well underway. One aspect we are considering is to create individual subject modules of the training so that if you do not want to undertake the full course, you can just do one or two of the modules. The delivery will be a mix of different online teaching methods.

It is headed up by Laura and along with Seema from Australia, the project is looking very exciting.  We will provide updates as they happen.

Now that we are at Level 1 our face-to-face five-day mediation courses will start again. The first one will be in Auckland between 7-11 September and then Wellington between 3-7 November. These courses fill very fast so if you are interested please register as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please give Laura a call.

As mentioned last month, as part of our move to make Resolution Institute more culturally competent we started on the process of creating a Maori Caucus. I am very pleased to say that at the most recent Board meeting the proposal for a Maori Caucus was agreed upon. Work will now start on this and I will keep you informed of the progress.

We have taken an active role in two upcoming conferences. We are a partner of the RJ World eConference and a sponsor of the Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE). Both will give us opportunities to increase the awareness of Resolution Institute and the services its members offer.

We have also started a programme of providing complaint handling advice to other associations.  We are running a pilot programme with one industry association which is proving to be quite successful. We will be offering this to other associations at the AuSAE in Wellington later this year.  This is in line with one of our strategic aims of creating other income sources.

Finally, I am very pleased to say that we have created a Aotearoa New Zealand Professional Development Group that will guide us on our training and development services, and provide members with a conduit to Resolution Institute management.

Have a great month.

Kind regards

Trevor Slater