1 May 2018

NZ Govt Centre for DR

Government Centre for Dispute Resolution (GCDR) Director Caroline Holden recently presented to a group of Wellington members on the GCDR role of 'working ON (rather than IN) dispute resolution' which they see as providing best practice dispute resolution guidance and advice to agencies across government.

GCDR's mission is 'NZ being world leading in the prevention and resolution of disputes.'

A key focus for GDR - shared by Resolution Institute and its members - is encouraging greater take up of DR by government, underpinned by the assumption that dispute resolution approaches and services underutilised at present.

Caroline noted that there are a number of the new Government's manifesto commitments that relate to DR (for example reviews of community law, RMA, FDR, and the Royal Commission on historic abuse in state care). 

Caroline also talked about their work with various government departments to introduce DR schemes or establish Government as a model dispute resolver.  GCDR have funding for an ongoing research programme and one of their focuses is establishing the cost of disputes over different  sectors so that they can present return on investment type cases for introduction of DR.

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