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Member exclusive PI/PL insurance

Today we are pleased to bring you details of our new, member only policy that Astute Insurance Services has successfully negotiated on behalf of our 4,000 members with our existing insurer, Berkley Insurance.

If you hold an existing policy, you will receive a personalized email in coming days with more information about the policy and how to renew.

If you are interested in accessing this policy for your business/practice for the first time, please click here >>

2016 Member Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Policy
    New 2016 Policy 2015 Policy
Premium down $220 AUD
fully inclusive for payments by 15 Sept
$299 AUD
Professional indemnity claims excess down NIL excess $2,500
Public liability claims excess down $250 $500
Professional indemnity limit UP $20 Million for any one claim $10 Million
Aggregate professional indemnity limit scheme UP $100 Million $30 Million

TICKUpdated business activities description, to include additional areas, highlighted here in bold

Adjudication, Arbitration, Conciliation, Dispute Resolution, Expert Determination, Neutral Evaluation and Appraisal, Probity, Restorative Practice, Investigations, Independent Chairmanship, Conflict Management, Facilitation, Community Engagement, Training, Human  Resource Consultancy, Coaching, Counselling, Business Mentoring, Restorative Process and any activities agreed by the Resolution Institute.
Also includes pre-mediation engagement, communication with the parties setting up the mediation, the actual mediation session(s), private sessions and drafting the settlement agreement with the parties

Other benefits for you

TICK Reduced risk: The scheme is for members only, who have access to our complaints handling process, reducing the risk of claims that could potentially impact on the aggregate pool

TICK Feel confident: Astute’s team have previously worked with our members and have more than 20 years’ experience in Professional Indemnity policies.

TICK Loyalty cover: Berkley remains your insurer, giving you peace of mind for any claims that may have arisen prior to your renewal this year

TICK Strong relationships: Get to know Astute’s experienced team, with low staff turnover

TICK Free ‘run-off’ cover for members who retire from practicing.

How have Resolution Institute and Astute been able to secure this deal?

TICK Astute has consulted with Resolution Institute members to understand your businesses and practices

TICK Astute understands our rigorous accreditation and grading process, professional standards and complaints scheme

If you have any queries about an existing policy please contact:
Astute Insurance Services (Resolution Institute team)   
+61 08 8410 2990
+61 0424 186 151