12 June 2019

MEDIA RELEASE - Former Chief Justice champions dispute resolution with Resolution Institute

Friday 7 June 2019

Resolution Institute’s newest Ambassador former Western Australian Chief Justice Wayne Martin is a strong advocate for alternative dispute resolution. As Chief Justice he gave priority to resolving matters through negotiation or mediation.

In his post-judicial career, Chief Justice Martin is keen to grow his practice as a dispute resolver. A promoter of the importance of education and standards for dispute resolution practitioners, Chief Justice Martin willingly participated in the Resolution Institute accreditation process to become a Grade 1 arbitrator and mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System.

“I think that consumers need an assurance of quality when they choose dispute resolution outside of court,” says the former Chief Justice. “Becoming accredited is one small and significant step in providing that assurance.”

Chief Justice Martin said of his invitation:

“I was honoured to be invited to join Resolution Institute as one of their esteemed Ambassadors and am looking forward to providing its members with the benefits of my experience. Dispute Resolution provides parties with much more flexible outcomes than can ever be provided by a court. It is my job to expedite the process and to assist people to reach an amicable decision without adversarial means.”

Fiona Hollier, Chief Executive Officer, Resolution Institute said “We are extremely excited and privileged to have His Hon. Wayne Martin as Ambassador as he brings a wealth of first-hand experience in mediation and arbitration from his many years as Chief Justice and legal counsel. Our members are looking forward to attending his seminars and working with him to promote alternative dispute resolution as the way forward.”

Chief Justice Martin was renowned for modernising the courts in WA by speeding up the process in civil cases, abolishing the wig and jabot and allowing the use of electronic devices in the court room. He promoted a paperless court and as a result of his modern approach livestreamed a trial for the first time in the courts history.

Resolution Institute is the largest dispute resolution membership across Australia and NZ and supports its members through providing educational tools, networking opportunities and access to robust accreditation and grading systems.

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