14 March 2017

Master class for adjudicators in Victoria

The Adjudication dispute resolution Special Interest Group of the Victorian Chapter recently organised a successful master class for accredited adjudicators.

To remain on the Register of Adjudicators an accredited adjudicator must have attended, and been assessed as competent, in at least one adjudicator's master class in each three year period.

Apart from accreditation the master class provides an opportunity for participants to improve their knowledge of adjudication and become aware of a wider range of issues than would normally be encountered in their individual practice.

Topics for discussion nominated by participants are set for pre-reading.  Each participant is then assessed on their level of participation in the discussion, their knowledge of the relevant Act and understanding of the correct procedure for adjudications.

We thank the Victorian adjudication SIG committee for organising this master class and the assessors for the day - Michael Heaton QC, Toby Shnookal QC and David Thyer - who unanimously agreed that all participants passed the master class. Well done all round!