11 November 2014

LEADR & IAMA: ADR voices unite

ADR voices unite


On 10 November 2014 at the LEADR offices in Sydney, during the LEADR AGM and the IAMA EGM members voted to become one organisation. This was an historic moment to create the largest ADR membership organisation in the southern hemisphere. The new ADR organisation will have over 3,500 members working together for one common cause, to increase ADR practice in Australasia and New Zealand. This is an exciting time for ADR practitioners and the ADR industry as both organisations look forward to working together.

When will it happen?
​The integration is set for 1 January 2015 and LEADR CEO Fiona Hollier and IAMA A/CEO Alysoun Boyle are finalising details on the integration process to ensure continuity of member services and business activities. 

What will the new name of the organisation be?
The interim name will be LEADR & IAMA. The permanent name yet to be decided will as far as possible indicate an organisation that is serious in its endeavour and modern in its focus, be inclusive of arbitration, mediation, adjudication, conciliation, FDR, restorative justice, conflict coaching and other forms of current and future DR and be easily recognisable and remembered.

What will be the membership size
With combined memberships which amounts to over 3,500 members, this puts LEADR & IAMA in the forefront of ADR in the region. For more information please visit >>