14 June 2013

'kon gres keynote speaker Bernie Mayer

Bernie Mayer, Ph.D., Professor of Dispute Resolution, The Werner Institute, Creighton University, and Professor of the Practice at the Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame, is a leader in the field of conflict resolution. Bernie has facilitated many complex environmental conflicts, commercial and organizational disputes, interpersonal conflicts, public decision-making processes, and has an extensive background in family mediation as well. Bernie is a founding partner of CDR Associates, a pioneering conflict intervention firm, located in Boulder, Colorado.  He has provided consultation, mediation, facilitation and training for federal, state and local agencies throughout the US and Canada and has extensive international experience in setting up dispute resolution programs and working on complex issues such as ethnic relations, conflicts between governments, corporations, and non-governmental organizations, and community disputes.  Bernie is the author of many books and articles including The Dynamics of Conflict: A  Guide to Engagement and Intervention (2nd ed.); Beyond Neutrality: Confronting the Crisis in Conflict Resolution, and Staying With Conflict: A Strategic Approach to Ongoing Disputes.  Both Beyond Neutrality and Staying With Conflict were named as the outstanding book of the year by the CPR International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution.  Bernie lives in Kingsville, Ontario, and Boulder, Colorado.