23 May 2019

General Manager (Aus) returns to previous stomping ground in new role

We congratulate Hayley on her new role as CEO of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Hayley was previously an Advisory Board member when the School was established in 2015 and Deputy Chair from November 2016 to June 2017. Her new role offers Hayley the opportunity to work in a field and organisation about which she feels passionate, and its closeness to where she lives gives her added flexibility for spending time with her young family.

We are very sorry to lose Hayley. She has made a fantastic contribution to Resolution Institute in the almost two years she has been with us.  Hayley’s particular strengths in systems thinking and process design means that many Resolution Institute business processes have been digitised and streamlined with a strong focus on being consistently and sustainably implemented. Hayley’s enviable project and time management skills have delivered significant changes in a relatively short time frame. Her conscientious and caring approach to supporting and coaching staff means that team members have grown their skills and feel empowered in their roles. 

Reflecting on her time with Resolution Institute, Hayley said "I have really enjoyed the challenges and wisdom of the dispute resolution industry and look forward to taking everything I have learned with me as I embark on this exciting new adventure.”

I am sure you will join with me, the Resolution Institute staff team and the Board, in saying Hayley, we are sorry to see you go and we hope that this new role offers you many stimulating and challenging opportunities.