30 September 2020

CEO update | September 2020 | Our new technology initiatives

Dear members,

Over the past month things at Resolution Institute have been moving with a focus and commitment that has given me a sense of pride for our community, staff team and members. This shows what a resilient community we are.

In his update, Trevor Slater talks about the roller coaster ride that COVID-19 has brought with it, and whilst challenging, this has also come with some opportunities like increased flexibility and new ways of working and connecting with each other. Back in December and January, I was travelling regularly to meet members and to connect with various PDGs and stakeholders. Now it is much easier to use technology to facilitate these connections in a way that is equally important and rewarding, in a much more flexible and timely manner. I look forward to being able to connect with people in person again soon; however, I truly believe that this period has taught us how to make the most of what we have available to us.

In light of this, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you two of the technology initiatives that staff at Resolution Institute are currently working on. First is an online community portal which will enable you, our members, to engage and interact with each other, the broader profession and with staff. This portal gives us the tool to create private, secure communities to drive interactions, knowledge sharing, resource sharing, and engagement among members. We expect that this portal will give you the ability to communicate and share information on your time — I have no doubt that the resources, best practices, and experience created will become invaluable to you to network and build relationships in this new era, whilst we redefine the way we communicate, collaborate and stay in touch. Contained within this platform is also a portal to enable us to connect and build our formal mentoring and supervision program, a high priority initiative for members for quite some time now. We are currently in the build phase of this project and more information on the launch of our online portal will be available later in the year.

The second initiative I want to share with you is ‘Fort Doc’. Resolution Institute is an Authorised Nominating Authority (ANA) in the various Australian Security of Payment schemes, as well as a nominator of third-party arbitrators and mediators. This is an important aspect of Resolution Institute’s work as a not-for-profit membership organisation that promotes and facilitates the development and use of dispute resolution. Currently we accept applications for these schemes via email, or using an online application form (or via hard copy) which limits us to accepting them only during business hours. There are also limitations in terms of the size and number of files that can be submitted. This has left us at a disadvantage, and we are now rectifying this. We are developing our own customised platform that not only enables us to accept applications out of hours, and a larger number of files with larger file sizes, but also allows us to use this platform to streamline back end processes associated with the processing of these applications. This will make it easier to work with us from the perspective of the parties and the dispute resolver.

Over the next two years we will continue to invest in technology to support our goal of service provision excellence for our members. Technology underpins everything that we do administratively and will be integral to the success of Resolution Institute and our significant programmes of work. Staff need to be able to use our technology as an enabler, freeing up valuable time to focus on value-add activities—ensuring agility and high-quality service delivery.

Staff update

In my update last month, I outlined some changes that had been put in place in the staff team. Since that update, I am delighted to introduce you to three new team members who have joined us.

David Chin joins us as our Membership Manager and works across Australia and New Zealand to ensure we deliver on our strategic objective of driving member engagement and value. Ian Richardson joins us as Membership Officer in Australia, working closely with David to support our Australian members. Both David and Ian have jumped straight into things here and are working on the online community portal as their first key initiative. Both David and Ian have impressive careers in service-focused roles, and I can confidently say that they are already adding value to our team.

Laetitia Lake started last week as EA / Project Officer and she will play a critical role in coordinating our upcoming projects as well as providing the Board and me with a range of high-level executive support and secretariat services. Laetitia has worked in various EA and project roles and has recently finished a period of maternity leave with her son. I am excited to have David, Ian and Laetitia on board and I am sure they will enjoy getting to know our members like I have over the past nine months.

Finally, and most importantly, please continue to take care of yourselves, each other and above all, stay safe.

Take care,