30 September 2019

CEO update | September 2019 | Recap on brand awareness

Welcome back to all of you who have once again showed loyalty to Resolution Institute. We continue to be thrilled that members are staying connected with Resolution Institute.  The rate of renewals is better even than it was last year.  
One of our strategic goal areas is to build our profile. We know too that building profile – brand awareness - is important to many of our members.  If our brand is better recognised, then we assume that Resolution Institute accreditation will carry more influence, we will be included in more contracts and this will lead to more work for members.  

Social media of course provides ever-growing opportunities for reaching our audiences (and growing brand awareness). Social media gives us the chance to target the ideal audience in a way that conventional marketing often does not. It also gives us the chance to get real-time feedback on the services we offer. With this feedback we can build stronger relationships with those consuming what we post.  Social media is more of a level playing field, accessible to big and small players. We are putting emphasis on advertising our events – training and professional development on Facebook and providing notices in LinkedIn and Twitter, as we grow our social media presence.  We will be monitoring it and we are interested to hear from you if you think that our social media advertising is converting to increased attendance at our events, particularly those organised locally by our members. 

Speaking of local events – congratulations to all those Professional Development Groups across Australia for organising and running the professional development events.  Your colleagues, I am sure, say a big “thank you” to you for providing such a vibrant program of professional development gatherings.