30 November 2021

CEO update | November 2021 | Introducing our new board, and thoughts on an important new report




Dear members,

Last week on Tuesday 23rd November we held the Annual General Meeting where Russell Thirgood (Chair), Sid Soin (Treasurer) and I provided an overview of 2020-21 and a summary of the key information contained in the recently released annual report.

Over the last 18 months, the board, member committees, and members alike have guided us on what is needed to respond to COVID-19 and the services that the dispute resolution community expects from Resolution Institute generally. I am pleased to hear from members that the initiatives that have been implemented are being positively received, and to also hear directly about what else we can do to support you, our members. This information shapes future priorities and helps us continue to deliver value.

At the meeting I also announced the results of the board election, with the new board for Resolution Institute being:

  • Russell Thirgood
  • Julia Hennessy
  • Siddharth Soin
  • Philip Argy
  • Mieke Brandon
  • Paula Bruce
  • Deborah Dunn
  • Dr Hanna Jaireth
  • Wi Pere Mita
  • Karene Primrose
  • Toby Shnookal

Congratulations to all board members and thank you to Mike Hyde and Lesley Ashworth who served Resolution Institute members from 2019-2021 with passion, sharing their knowledge, experience and dedication during that time.

As the year end quickly approaches, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff, board and members for all of their hard work over the last 12 months. I have been supported by a staff team who are passionate about what they do, and a board who clearly have members’ interests at heart. Staff have worked tirelessly for Resolution Institute members over the last year whilst at the same time being physically isolated themselves as they personally navigate through the challenges of COVID-19. So once again thank you, I look forward to working with members in 2022 and hope to be able to connect in person early in the new year.

ADRAC – Connecting the dots

On Thursday 25th November the Australian Dispute Resolution Advisory Council (ADRAC) launched their Conciliation Report – Connecting the Dots.

Senator the Hon Amanda Stoker, who launched the report stated;

  “The Final Report is a welcome contribution to conciliation and the broader alternative dispute resolution community. It opens the door to further conversations about how conciliation can be better defined and recognised as a stand-alone method of dispute resolution, how the role of conciliators and the conciliation process is articulated to the public, and how this fosters greater confidence in the process and - potentially - better outcomes.“

Resolution Institute commends ADRAC on the paper and welcomes the recommendations made in the report. Having a clear definition of conciliation will assist organisations and conciliators in setting standards for the profession, as well as in building professional networks and providing the ongoing support required. We look forward to working with conciliation organisations and conciliators to further progress the recognition of conciliation within the dispute resolution field, and to better clarify conciliators’ roles.

Finally, as we head into December there will be a number of ‘end of year cheer’ events coming up. Where possible (and restrictions permit), I encourage you to look out for an event in your local area, register and come and meet some new people in the dispute resolution community to finish the year on a positive note!

Take care,