28 November 2019

CEO update | November 2019 | My first weeks as CEO

Dear Members,
The past weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for me as I have launched headfirst into the CEO role at Resolution Institute. I have felt very fortunate to be able to meet many of the members in Wellington, Melbourne, and Hobart, and hearing your different perspectives on the many opportunities that we have for supporting you. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on your feedback and this information will no doubt prove useful to me as I learn more about the organisation, the dispute resolution community and our members. I look forward to being able to use these different perspectives to help shape the way I lead Resolution Institute into the future.

I was privileged to be able to attend the Resolution Institute Annual General Meeting on Monday and hear from the Chair, Gary Ulman, the Treasurer, Siddharth Soin, and Former CEO, Fiona Hollier. It was fantastic hearing about the many achievements of the past year such as increased revenue received from training and accreditation, the strong membership numbers and the work we have done to ensure Resolution Institute is the largest and most influential membership organisation in the region. This success has been directly reflected in the sound financial result of Resolution Institute, ending the year with a $194,477 surplus as detailed by Sid in the Treasurers report. The Chair, Gary Ulman, made an interesting comment about the smooth running of the online election as judged by the positive feedback received, and the increase in the number of members who voted this year. I’m glad to see that our members are engaged with this process and I thank you for taking the time to vote. I strongly encourage you to read through the Annual Report and Financial Report, both of which are now available on the website that provide you with a more detailed representation of the achievements of Resolution Institute and that of our members.

The AGM closed with the announcement of the elected Board Members; Lesley Ashworth, Mieke Brandon, Deborah Dunn, Julia Hennessy, Michael Hyde, Karene Primrose, Toby Shnookal, Russell Thirgood, and Professor Ben Thomas. I welcome each of the Board Members and I am very much looking forward to working with the Board to shape the strategic direction of Resolution Institute for the future.
I would like to thank the former CEO Fiona Hollier for the time she has taken to share with me a vast amount of information about Resolution Institute from the past 13 years (although I am sure we have only skimmed the surface of Fiona’s memory bank!) and how this may impact future operations. I am very fortunate to have had this time with Fiona so that I now step into the role with greater clarity. I wish Fiona all the very best in her future endeavours as she travels the world and spends more time with her family.

Finally, I look forward to meeting many more of our members over the coming months and hearing from you about your experiences in the dispute resolution community and how Resolution Institute has supported you, as well as your views for the future. I also encourage you to share with me your feedback through the upcoming Beaton membership survey. More information will be made available about this survey in the coming days.
Warm regards,