31 May 2021

CEO update | May 2021 | Counting down to the conference, an important EOI, and the triennial review




Dear members

A lot has happened in the past month, including face to face, online and hybrid events, a number of five-day mediation workshops, and now as we move into June, another lock down in Victoria. We are all thinking of our Victorian members and we hope that the seven-day lock down is not extended and that we are able to quickly get back to being COVID-19 free.

Countdown to the Conference

As we count down the time between now and our flagship conference being held in Sydney between 15–16 July 2021, I am excited to share with you a number of additions to the programme. The Hon Amanda Stoker will be attending both the conference and the conference dinner and will share an update from the government’s perspective. Gabrielle Trainor AO will be our dinner speaker, sharing with us her vast experience and perspectives on dispute resolution and how it can make business as well as the community more resilient. The programme showcases expert speakers and practitioners addressing all dispute resolution areas and I am looking forward to meeting many members who I haven’t yet had the chance to meet since commencing as CEO.

To give additional time for members to register at the lowest rate, and to have increased confidence about the state of interstate travel given the situation in Victoria, we have decided to extend the early bird date. Early bird rates will now end on Sunday 13th June.  To find out more and to register, please refer to the conference website

EOI for sub-committees of the Resolution Institute Facilitative Committee (RIFC)

The role of the Board Facilitative Committee (RIFC) is to ensure that the Board is kept informed of significant trends, including initiatives and publications, about facilitative DR, to provide information and recommendations to the Board about policy and strategic direction in facilitative DR, and to liaise with the CEO about developing operational areas of facilitative DR.

The RIFC has established sub-committees to assist the committee to fulfil its functions in specific areas, and we are currently seeking expressions of interest from members for the following sub-committees:

  • Workplace mediation sub-committee
  • Elder mediation sub-committee
  • Facilitative family law and mediation sub-committee
  • Facilitative sub-committee

More detail on each of the sub-committees is listed on Member Connect here. If you are interested, please complete the form found on Member Connect, and email it to by end of June 2021. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Triennial Review

We are about to embark on the triennial review process for graded arbitrators and adjudicators. This process ensures that Resolution Institute panel members meet the standards of excellence required to be nominated by Resolution Institute. We are immensely proud of the calibre of dispute resolvers on our panel. Accordingly, there are ongoing accreditation and CPD requirements in place to ensure that panel members continue to be of the highest quality in Australia, so that we as an organisation, continue to lift standards aligned with global best practice. It is a high expectation, however, it is one that I know differentiates Resolution Institute members from other organisations. More information will be sent shortly to all adjudicators and graded arbitrators.

Best wishes,