29 June 2020

CEO update | June 2020 | Introducing ‘Our Strategy’

Dear members,

I would like to take this opportunity to share with youOur Strategy’ 2020-2024. This plan shows the passion and excitement of our board, staff members and I, as it is captured in our vision, purpose, values and goals.

The plan outlines a strategic approach to ensure recognition of our past and existing strengths, while incorporating the key objectives that we need to build upon for us to remain at the forefront, and be the leading voice for dispute resolution in Australia and New Zealand. Our current environment is characterised by risk and uncertainty as well as significant opportunity: it is important that Resolution Institute adapts to respond to the challenges that we are currently presented with. I am confident that we are well positioned to do so.

Our Strategic Plan is a 2 + 2 plan, which means it will guide us over two horizons of two years. This is important as the first horizon allows us to ensure we are responding to our urgent challenges, resulting in an organisation that is agile, sustainable and delivers value. The second horizon will enable us to further leverage our opportunities to grow our services to members and continue to improve our performance. Over the coming four years ‘Our Strategy’ will focus on:

  • Member engagement and value
  • Technology and operational excellence
  • Influence, advocacy, and branding
  • Best-in-class training and accreditation
  • Financial sustainability

We have developed ‘Our Strategy’ with extensive input from our members and the community, and will be using it as our guide for the future as we build upon our strengths, address our gaps, and work to realise our potential. Guided by this document, our staff and I will develop and implement annual business plans outlining specific activities along with the necessary metrics to measure our progress. Some of these activities will be purely administrative in nature; some will require significant tactical development; and some will call upon the diverse skills, talents, and contributions of our membership community.

So what will this look like for our members?

As Russell Thirgood (Chair) and I shared in our recent webinar about the strategy and the future direction of Resolution Institute, there are many initiatives and pathways we have already commenced work on, with others planned for the next 12 months to support the delivery of ‘Our Strategy’. These initiatives aim to accommodate the diverse needs of our members, from the experienced practitioner to the student or graduate. We are expanding our specialist training programmes, our CPD and event programmes, and, of course, are looking forward to our International Conference to be held in Sydney from 11–12 March 2021.

We are also expanding our profile with new and existing strategic partnerships, actively promoting our members’ profiles, publicising dispute resolution work opportunities across various sectors, and investing in our technology and communications platforms to ensure your membership experience is seamless.

I encourage you to take the time to read ‘Our Strategy’ which can be found on our website here. I look forward to working with our members, our board, and the staff team to deliver this strategy.

Best wishes and take care,