28 June 2019

CEO update | June 2019 | Fiona's resignation

Fiona Hollier, CEO Resolution InstituteHello members and colleagues,

A couple of weeks ago you received from the Board a notice about my resignation.  To track back a little: it was in late March that I let the Board know that I intended to step down and was flexible about the timetable.  I wanted to provide the opportunity for a careful recruitment and handover process. 

As you can guess, deciding to leave Resolution Institute is a wrench. I have loved working with Resolution Institute and being part of the dispute resolution community. I like being amongst people, our members and colleagues, who are motivated by a desire to do good in the community. I like working with staff members who are attracted to Resolution Institute because they feel they are making a contribution. I like being stimulated professionally by the challenges of the diversity within the field and within our organisation.

It seemed the right time to be welcoming a new CEO. We have stepped over many of the hurdles of integrating first across Australia and New Zealand and then combining the two leading professional membership organisations for dispute resolvers in Australia. We have experienced and dedicated staff, a sound financial position and committed volunteers in our Professional Development Groups and on our Board.   This adds up to being on a firm footing for a new CEO and for taking the next steps as a whole-of-dispute-resolution organisation to grow the recognition of Resolution Institute and the wider use of dispute resolution within our communities. As we are due to embark on the next strategic planning process, a new CEO will have the chance to work with the Board (in its new term from November) to take ownership together of the strategy for the next few years.

Of course, the timing also works well for me: I am looking forward to re-growing my own dispute resolution practice, for taking up opportunities to use my CEO experience of the last 13 years and for increased flexibility to visit family spread across the globe.  As well, I am looking forward to continuing to be part of the dispute resolution community.

I will be CEO until at least September (and perhaps beyond depending on the start date of the new CEO). During that time, we will be as busy and productive as ever.  A quick round up of recent and upcoming items:

·         The Board is working with an agency to access specialist expertise to recruit the new CEO. If you or anyone you know is interested in the role of CEO, please find out more here

·         Farewell to Catherine Cooper, General Manager (NZ) who finished up on the 14th of this month.  Thank you to the many New Zealand members who sent their thanks and best wishes and who joined us at the good-bye function.

·         Welcome to Trevor Slater to the role of GM (NZ). Trevor is an experienced dispute resolver and long-standing Resolution Institute member and recent Board member.

·         Congratulations to Robert Grima, Amanda Dollman and Seema Parekh who have made a fantastic start in their new roles as respectively Corporate Services Manager, Marketing Manager and Training and Accreditation Manager (reported in last month’s Pulse).

·         Great news that we have had our status as an Authorised Nominating Authority renewed in Victoria and Tasmania. Congratulations to the Nominations Team and thanks to the adjudicators who answered our questions on these successful renewal applications.

·         1130 members have so far renewed their membership for 2019-20. An excellent start. If you are yet to renew, we encourage you to pop onto the website and do so now so that your membership stays current as we enter the new financial year.

·         From 1 July 2019, fees for professional development group events will be $25. We have listened to members’ feedback about this and found ways to skim prices elsewhere to make this price feasible for the upcoming financial year.

·         The very popular CPD subscription package is now available for the next six months at a half year price.

·         Thanks to very constructive feedback from adjudicators in NSW and VIC, we are currently refining the online form for adjudication applications.

·         Thanks also to feedback about the NMAS accreditation online forms, we are currently tweaking these to make it a streamlined process for accreditation and re-accreditation

·         If you missed it, tune into the FREE webinar with Resolution Institute Ambassador, the Honourable Wayne Martin on Taking stock - where we are at with dispute resolution today.

Looking forward to catching up at local events over the next few months.

Fiona Hollier

28 June 2019