22 June 2018

CEO update | June 2018 | Marketing

Fiona Hollier, CEO Resolution InstituteDear colleagues,

Last month I wrote about the Board’s commitment to raising the profile of Resolution Institute. I want to continue with this theme, with a focus on what individual members can do.

Some years ago, as a newly trained and accredited dispute resolver, I was keen to join what is now Resolution Institute. As a fledgling dispute resolver, I considered that associating with a well-regarded dispute resolution membership organisation provided me with professional credibility and a professional community. I proudly marketed myself as belonging to Resolution Institute, recommended it for training and CPD and referred those in my client community to Resolution Institute for dispute resolution services beyond those which I was able to provide. In circumstances where a person was unaware of Resolution Institute, I could talk about its role in developing and maintaining professional standards and in encouraging collegiate networks. In so doing, I was actually telling them also about the standards of education and professionalism that I met in order to be part of this very significant DR body. By closely and publicly associating with, Resolution Institute, a body known for excellence in dispute resolution, a little of its lustre reflected on me and supported my marketing efforts.

I know that there are many members who use their connection with Resolution Institute in ways similar to that which my own story above records. As they market themselves, they also raise the profile of Resolution Institute.

As a membership organisation, we rely on members to “market the brand” on behalf of the organisation, on behalf of their colleagues and of themselves. Marketing the brand effectively requires high standards of professional integrity and behaviour as described in the Code of Ethics >>). It requires high standards of professional practice and a commitment to ongoing professional learning, grading and accreditation. Marketing the brand requires our members to be ambassadors for Resolution Institute, using its name in preference to the name of one of its former constituent organisations. It requires the collective effort of all our members.

If you would like to contribute to the collective effort with your fellow members to raise the profile of Resolution Institute, consider which of the following you are yet still to do:

  • Update the profile and CV on your firm’s website. Some members’ profiles continue to claim membership of one of Resolution Institute’s constituent organisations.
  • Add the Resolution Institute post-nominals to your name >> As with many post nominals, ours are a conversation starter - their meaning is not obvious to the uninitiated!
  • Add to your email address and to your website a Resolution Institute logo >>
  • Modernise the bio that you use as a presenter. Include that you have been a member of the now Resolution Institute since 19xx, and that, for example, you were a Chapter Chair from 20xx- 20yy, a member of a Committee from 19xx-19yy of the now Resolution Institute
  • Promote the services of Resolution Institute – training, SIG events, webinars, DR clauses, the dispute resolver directory …
  • Let colleagues and clients know about Resolution Institute professional or associate membership
  • Talk about what your membership entails and what your grading and accreditation require

Let me encourage you to take what steps you can to increase the recognition of Resolution Institute.



22 June 2018