30 January 2020

CEO update | January 2020 | Our strategic direction

Dear Members,

Welcome to 2020.

I hope you have all had the chance to take a well-deserved break over Christmas and are feeling refreshed for the new year.

2020 will be a huge year for Resolution Institute and the team have got right back to work with a vengeance. My focus for the first part of this year is developing our new strategic plan and together with the Board, defining the future direction for Resolution Institute. Strategic planning is a process that most organisations use to define what they want to accomplish in the future and how this will be achieved. Unfortunately, there is sometimes the tendency to develop a strategic plan and then let it gather dust on the shelf due to a lack of appetite for change and/or real commitment to the newly developed plan. We are lucky, and I feel that the cards have aligned for Resolution Institute in setting our new strategic direction. As a result of my conversations with members, the newly elected Resolution Institute Board and some of our partner organisations, I have come to realise that as a new CEO, people are expecting a fresh perspective. More specifically people are asking us to define what “Resolution Institute” stands for, now and into the future, and to engage with our members to understand where we need to focus our engagement and services, with stronger ties and connections to our members and the DR community overall. It’s also important for us to “future proof” and grow the success of Resolution Institute into the future for our members, both current and prospective. Finally, there is one important detail that has strongly resonated with me as a result of conversations I have had with members to date; people are looking to Resolution Institute to build its profile and reputation so that we are a driving force for dispute resolution in Australia.

In summary, the strategic planning process will follow five broad steps (figure below) and the team will be widely engaging with members to help develop the plan.


It is time to create the story of Resolution Institute as one organisation with a strong past, that is looking to the future. I feel honoured to be the one to tell the story on behalf of our members and I am excited about what the future brings.

I will keep you up to date as the story unfolds...

Best wishes,