28 February 2022

CEO update | February 2022

Dear Members,

As we head into March, we see many of the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted on the east coast of Australia, borders re-opening and the ability to meet face to face once again. We are looking forward to being able to bring members together for CPD events and being able to connect with each other once again.

We look forward to running the NMAS mediation programme in person again in March in Brisbane and Sydney and then in Hobart in April. You can find out more information about these programmes as well as the online programmes here

In contrast to the easing of restrictions in some parts of Australia, I understand that this is not the case everywhere with restrictions increasing in Aotearoa New Zealand and the west coast of Australia. We want to ensure that we are supporting all members through this time and we will continue to operate in a hybrid way to ensure that all members will be able to access the events and opportunities regardless of your physical location.

Partnership with The College of Law

I’m pleased to share with members that Resolution Institute and The College of Law have entered into a new partnership aimed at establishing a symbiotic cooperation which will maximise the resources of both organisations through mutual collaboration and the sharing of expertise and efforts in education and training. As a result of this partnership, College of Law students completing the Family Dispute Resolution Practice or the NMAS accredited Mediator training program will now have a formal pathway into membership with Resolution Institute. We are looking forward to working with College of Law for the benefit of the DR community.

More information about the partnership can be found here

Call for EOIs from members with a determinative practice. 

Since early 2020 the Resolution Institute Board of Directors has had a committee that assists it with determinative matters called the RI Determinative Committee (RIDC). Membership of the RIDC is by invitation of the Board. It operates mostly by the work of its subcommittees.  Currently the subcommittees are Arbitration, Expert Determination, Adjudication, On-Line Determination and Family Law Arbitration.  

The Chairs of the subcommittees, as well as the members, are appointed by the Board on consultation.  

Members with a determinative practice and with time and energy to contribute are invited to submit an EOI to join the RIDC for a two-year period. IF you would like to submit an EOI, please follow the link to the online form and submit by Friday 18 March 2022. 

Members of the RIDC may serve on up to two subcommittees, or they may not be a member of any subcommittee.  Members of the RIDC may represent an RI state committee (previously Professional Development Groups) or may be individual members of the RIDC. The Board seeks to have at least one member of each state determinative committee on the RIDC.  

The Full RIDC meets approximately every two months by Zoom for an hour.  The engine room of the RIDC is the subcommittees that each meet their own schedule, often more frequently than the Full RIDC.  

Thank you to the members who have served on the RIDC and subcommittees for the past two years – your support has enabled us to make significant progress on important areas and I’m grateful for the contribution you have made.

Until next month…..

Take care,